Frequent Questions


What is the use of buy likes and followers?

Suppose you have a business. You open your Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube, and start from 0 is very laborious. Buy a package and start getting likes from real people in a short time. The content of your posts has not changed, but simply because of the popularity that you created on the network, the sheep (in this case the user) follows the herd.


From where are my followers?

We have fans from all over the world at the moment is not possible to target specific sites, although they are helpful to start making volume and start getting real fans much easier than starting from scratch.


Are my followers going to be real?

The followers we offer are real accounts worldwide.


Are my followers going to stay forever?

Indeed, all followers, reproductions and likes that we give are permanent.


Is this services safe?

Our dropout rate is so low that to avoid mishaps we always give you a little more of what you buy.


What is our delivery time?

Delivery times are specified in the description of each product, they may vary from 1 day to 8 days to be completed.


Is this services safe?

Our service is 100% safe and there is no risk to your account.


Is it illegal to sell followers?

No way. The sale of followers and likes is performed on thousands of accounts around the world to improve its image on the network.


How do I apply my order?

You can pay with credit cards and debit VISA, Mastercard and American Express through our online store via Pay-Pal.


After paying, what is next?

You must keep your account for the public to make your delivery smooth. Once your payment is confirmed successfully, we will send you an email with purchase details and information about your delivery.


How is it right to give my account?

Suppose you want for your page likes facebook, the right way to send your URL is:

the same example to other social networks:

if youtube video would be the url example:


What if I am not satisfied with my order?

If you do not agree with your order you can request a refund:, justifying why it is not as long as our company has failed to comply with previously sold.


What currency charges are made?

All our services are billed in USD (US Dollar)


Should I have my instagram or twitter account published?

That’s right, both, your twitter and Instagram accounts must remain at all times open in order to make you get the service that you contract.