21 June, 2018

What does the letter K in Instagram mean and why is it necessary for my account?


The K in instagram, is equivalent to the numbers of followers that are held in a certain account, is an abbreviation of kilo which means thousand. This allows the accounts to occupy little space on the screen of the device where it is observed and all the information is easy to read and interpret.

Many people know that Instagram’s social network has completely changed the perception of images and the way the world sees them. So the importance of the followers is increasingly relevant in the industry of social networks. A large number of followers is synonymous with success, so you should try to achieve it at all times.

Why should you have a K? Because it will let you know that your work is recognized by thousands of people, that you have a business full of prestige and that you are an individual who can make their own decisions and be supported by hundreds of individuals who share your thoughts and your way of observing the different situations of everyday life.

At the same time, it positions people within the social network through statistics that demonstrate the range of reach of certain users. If you think that this letter was unnecessary, it is the opposite, so you should start looking for it immediately.

One of the ways to get it easily is through interactions with other users or to follow different groups of individuals expecting them to do the same with you. You can see how your account grows and gets more followers, who are attentive to all your publications once you start to remove them.

In addition, only users who have the letter “K” in their accounts, when uploading a story can put a link or url which when you scroll up the screen takes you to it.

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